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Are you ready to connect and explore who are with love and compassion? 

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Why I Created DVR

As an undocumented immigrant and first generation college graduate I thought I had acomplished all the things that were supposed to make me happy and successful to help my family and community. 

I was so proud of myself. I graduated from 4 year university despite being undocumented, I married the love of my life, I had my dream job, I was taking trips I had never imagined I could take, I became a legal U.S. Resident, I became a homeowner, and I even wrote a poetry book.

Unfortunately, I was not feeling happy or fulfilled. Despite my success story, I felt like SOMETHING was missing. 

I was doing everything that society had sold me on, but I had forgotten about who me. 

What my true dreams were. 

I had forgotten to choose myself. 

Why did I forget?

How did I choose myself again?  

Anxiety, stress and burnout became part of my life until I couldn’t keep up. My mind and body were telling me to slow down, to listen, to stop. So, I did. 

I quit my teaching job because I needed to heal and in the process I learned that I wanted to support others 

to do the same.

I started my self-discovery journey, 

I built my self confidence and started listening to my intuition. I wrote daily and used my voice to tell my story.  

I took action and started my own business where I help women choose themselves. 

I have created DEL VIENTO REVOLUTION to share what I have learned because it 

has truly transformed my life. 

I want to share this knowledge and create a safe space for you TO CHOOSE YOU AND YOUR DREAMS! 

this is for you if

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